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House Shampoo, Inc. – Roof and Exterior Cleaning / Restoration Contractor




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(815) 585-4745


P.O. Box 325





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Construction / Home Improvement

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House Shampoo, Inc. specializes in exterior cleaning services utilizing the best processes, personnel and safety practices available. What makes us unique is our proprietary low and high-pressure solution application processes that are the foundation of our service offerings, because they are gentle, thorough and deliver 4-5x better results (that last) than pressure washing alone. We also believe that a service provider that is fully devoted to its primary practice, consequently delivers a superior customer experience – something to consider when evaluating the other companies competing for your exterior cleaning projects. Beyond that, we believe that being passionate about your work IS the key to success and genuine fulfillment – WE JUST LOVE WHAT WE DO!


​An estimate without an inspection?

Assessing your property in person is essential to preparing an accurate evaluation of the existing conditions of your roof and exterior features. While it may seem like a real convenience to call a company that will quote a price for your project without inspecting it, we do not. This is a part of the service that we offer to #1 give you as much information about your properties condition as possible, #2 give you adequate photo documentation of our findings so that you have everything you need to make prudent choices about our services, and #3 answer any questions or concerns that you may have first-person. We deliver expert services that are fairly priced and are guaranteed. We want you to have a high level of confidence when selecting us as your service provider.

Our staff has 40+ years practical and management experience in the roofing and exterior industries. That expertise enables us to evaluate the existing conditions of your property and potentially detect necessary structural repairs or component failures that require attention. After all, knowing the condition of your roof (and its life expectancy) determines whether a cleaning is the appropriate action to take. We also “have an eye” that enables us to identify other features we know will benefit from our services. We recommend – you decide!


Our ultimate objective is to earn your business through the delivery of seasoned expertise, contractor-grade solutions, workmanship integrity, and competitive pricing. Once you’ve selected us as your dedicated cleaning and restoration service provider, we are confident that we will make another House Shampoo believer out of you!


Check out our website to learn more about why we are different and the best choice in exterior cleaning:

“If it needs cleaning, House Shampoo has THE solution!”